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Getting Started/Plugin Installation


A running WordPress Website


  1. Download the zip file by clicking here.
  2. Upload the Plugin zip file via WordPress Admin -> Plugins Page-> Upload Plugin.
  3. Activate the Plugin.

N/B: In rare cases, if uploads from wordpress Admin Menu does not work, upload the zip file via FTP or CPANEL Upload to the directory wp-content/plugins , then unzip the zip file, then head back to your WordPress Admin -> Plugins and Activate it.

Install the Woocommerce Plugin on your website by clicking here as Rimplenet relies on it for some functionalities to work including Payment Integration (woocommerce supports payments integration across the world)

Remember to activate the both plugins (Rimplenet and Woocommerce) via the plugins page.

Was the above step done?, boom, if the above step was successful done, Rimplenet menu will appear in the Admin Backend. Now you are ready to own your world of Financial Technology.


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