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About Matrix / How to Use

Firstly, before this is done, you must have installed WordPress on your server. When that is installed, kindly follow the steps below to create your wallet.

Step 1: Login to your website admin panel at www.yourdomainname.com/wp-admin. On successful wordpress login you would be presented with the screen below. On the screen, you would go through the menu and click on item circled – Rimplenet. (See screen 2 below). If Rimplenet is not part of the wp admin interface as circled on screen2 below, that means Rimplenet is not installed, click here to learn more about installing rimplenet

Step 2: Upon clicking on Rimplenet, more option will emerge, then you proceed to click on the item circled on the screen below- Settings : Wallets. (See screenshot for better understanding).

Image 3

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