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Withdrawal Form & Shortcodes

This allows users to place withdrawal request which is process by admin

You can copy paste the shortcode below to display the withdrawal form for all wallets, the users will have options to choose the wallet he wants to withdraw

[rimplenet-wallet action="withdraw" wallet_id="all"]


[rimplenet-wallet action="withdraw"]

If you want to display the withdrawal form for only a particular wallet, you can specify the wallet id

[rimplenet-wallet action="withdraw" wallet_id="YOUR_CREATED_WALLET_ID"]

Withdrawal Form only allows withdrawal from Wallet withdrawal balance, their requested balance will be deducted from their wallet balance.

More advanced shortcode below with options to set min and max withdrawal amount, redirection after withdrawal etc

Admins can see withdrawal request from WP-ADMIN>>>Rimplenet>>>Settings : Withdrawal.

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